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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Places I post blogs and vlogs.

I love to blog and vlog. I have a few places I post blogs and vlogs. I post blogs on my Blogger.com blog (iluvlf.com), WordPress.com (markpine.com), LinkedIn.com (LinkedIn.com/in/MarkPine360), and of course Facebook and Instagram. I post vlogs to YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I want to make this my full-time job, blogging, and vlogging. In addition to the work I’m doing, I want to hire people to help me create content. In addition to hiring people to create content, I want to hire lawyers. The reason is that sometimes I have legal questions about content ideas and I want to make sure I’m doing everything by the book. Of course, I’m not a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. I just want to make sure I’m limiting my liability as much as possible. Sometimes I get ideas for content and I want to bounce the ideas off an attorney. 

When I’m writing blogs, I might start out saying this is going to be posted on my Blogger.com blog. Then I will start writing and I will change my mind and want to post the blog on my WordPress.com blog or my LinkedIn.com blog. If I didn’t have so much schoolwork for college I would have all my blogs rolling a lot more. Regardless, I try to get a few blogs posted every month. I’m going to try and have a few blogs and blogs posted every week. Sometimes when I write a post I want to post it on all my blogs and social media posts. I don’t do it. Instead, I usually post a blog on one of my three blogs and then share it from there to my social media pages. I love blogs and social media. The one thing I like better about blogs, in my opinion, is that they are more searchable. That might change in the future. There might be ways to search social media that I don’t know about. My thought process is this, let’s say you go to my WordPress.com blog, markpine.com. You can search by category and tags. Social media has a search bar but for the most part, I'm just scrolling a profile or a tag.

I was planning on this being a long blog but it’s not. It’s starting to drizzle and I just saw I have a huge assignment for school I have to finish by next week. If this blog went really long I was going to post it on markpine.com but I changed my mind when it went short and I'm posting it on iluvlf.com.

Disclaimers: Use this information at your own risk. All information is subject to change. Results are not guaranteed. This blog is for entertainment purposes and general information. 

The Plans - Startups and Marketing.

I have two blogs. I have a blog on Blogger.com and another blog on WordPress.com. The Blogger.com blog is free. I paid a yearly subscription for the WordPress.com blog. I love blogging, vlogging, and taking pictures. When I hit it big I’m going to pay people to follow me around every day and record everything I do. I’ll have people taking non-stop pictures and videos and upload them to the internet. I’m working on several startups. The plan is to get them moving forward and then record me almost 24/7 running them. That would promote the startups and me. My hope is that it also inspires people. 

In addition to one day hiring people to follow me around and video record me all day, I would also love to hire a bunch of people to create content about various topics. It would be amazing to have thousands of employees around the world creating videos, blogs, pictures, etc. The main goal is to inspire people and provide people with useful information. I believe in trying to help people and being a good person. I want to create win-win situations. 

I’ll give some examples of the types of content I would like for people to create. I would like to create content about opportunities for people. For example, job training, school opportunities, information about careers, and anything else that will give people options on how they can spend their life. I would like to create content about small business owners and how they became successful.

Currently, I’m in the early stages of several startups. The industries I’m trying to enter include direct sales, food, entertainment, and car service. 

Direct sales - the plan is to research the most popular products and services. Then I want to try and figure out how I can help people set up their own small businesses selling the products and services into their communities. Think about the products and services you buy on a monthly basis. Are you spending money with any small businesses or are you mostly buying products and services from large companies? In my humble opinion, we need to spend more money supporting each other. I’m trying to figure out how we can do that and still get competitive deals. 

Food - the plan is to create a website and apps so that people can find more places to buy food. I would also like to create content about food producers and suppliers. I would also like to possibly help people set up their own indoor and outdoor farms. I would also be interested in franchising supermarkets. 

Entertainment - I would like to create web videos, TV shows, movies, books, games, plays, etc., about uplifting and positive information. 

Car service - I would like to create a car service with bullet resistant cars and armed drivers. 

In addition to the startups, I provide web marketing services. The web marketing was going well until people I know paid private investigators to sabotage me. I'm still optimistic and I'm not giving up. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't party. I have no criminal record. The former police private investigators are still sabotaging me. I like to let potential clients know upfront if you are thinking about working with me, you are going to be contacted by law enforcement and they are going to tell you not to deal with me.

Disclaimers: The odds are all these startups are going to fail. Startups are very risky. This is not an investment opportunity, I’m crowdfunding everything. All information is subject to change. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a lawyer. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The way you treat people and yourself.

In my humble opinion, I say treat people respectfully. If someone treats you disrespectfully ignore them. If you are in physical danger that's another story. Call the police when necessary. For some reason, in life, there are people who want to pick fights and start arguments with people for no reason. It could be strangers and it might be people you know. I say success is the best form of revenge. Take the high road. Let the miserable people run themselves into the ground. Don't waste your time arguing with people who are looking for trouble. People who lie, run scams, and disrespect others are playing with fire. They never know when it's going to catch up with them. I wouldn't want to live like that. Once you start treating people poorly, you dig yourself into a hole you might not be able to crawl out of. 

I give positive inspiration and advice to people. But, when I see someone who is clearly on the wrong path, who has committed to the negativity, I leave it alone. If the individual wants they can watch my YouTube and social media videos. They aren't going to get an argument out of me. They aren't going to waste my energy. 

Disclaimers: I'm not a doctor. I'm not a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. This information is for entertainment purposes. All information is subject to change. 

You have to be really careful these days. Don't operate in a sloppy manner and control your emotions. Don't waste the resources you have. Figure out ways to maximize them. Write things down. Get organized. In addition to not wasting your financial resources, don't waste your time. Be productive. Even when you're relaxing, focus on things you would like to attract into your life. 

Research different industries and the various things people do for a living to earn money. Time flies, the more time you sacrifice being productive now, will hopefully set you up to be in a better position later. In addition to wanting to be a motivational speaker, I want to start several companies and reach financial freedom. I want to be able to do exactly what I want every day. I don't drink, smoke, or party. I'm focused on my goals. 

If I had a billion dollars right now, I would help people and buy a bunch of things. I would film or video record all the positivity and post it on the internet and social media. I can't say exactly how it would all pan out but I can envision some of it. I would put together useful information in written form and video form. Then I would figure out the best way to share it with people. I would have attorneys guiding me to make sure I follow the laws. I would help a number of people in various ways. I'm working on the specifics. That includes people locally and potentially around the globe. 

Monday, May 4, 2020

I learned something about time management in school.

I love to blog and vlog. I'm 43 years young. Currently, I go to community college in New York City. People might believe community college is easy, but it's a lot of work. Some classes are relatively easy and others are non stop studying and memorization. I love all my classes and the information I'm learning is making me a better businessperson in my humble opinion. 

One of my teachers gave us an assignment at the beginning of the semester. The assignment is to write for 10 minutes per day. Sometimes we are given a topic to write about. Other days we are allowed to write about anything we, the students, want. The 10 minute per day writing assignment taught me that there is always a little time to blog and vlog every day regardless of how busy I am. 

I enjoy the 10 minute per day writing assignment because it feels like a writing and mental workout. The 10 minute per day writing assignment is the inspiration for this post. Now that I realize I can spend 10, 20, or 30 minutes per day writing and vlogging without overthinking it, I'm doing it. 

What's on my mind right now is financial freedom. Like many people I dream about the day that I can do exactly what I want every day. That is going to be amazing. I can't wait until the day that I can wake up and spend time on things that are important to me without having to be thinking about how I'm going to support myself. 

I want to be a famous motivational speaker who inspires people. I want to launch dozens or hundreds of companies. I'm probably never going to leave New York City. I'm from New York and I like it here. Regardless if or when I make it big, I'm going to stay in New York City. 

I'm glad it's getting warmer outside. I'm not sure what the exact day is that summer starts but it looks like we are going to have some nice weather in the near future. We have already had some nice days. In my view, the summer in New York flies by quick and the winters go by slow. That's just my opinion. What do you think? 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

One thing I don't understand about Google search.

The issue is if you search for Mark Pine in Google my old YouTube is on the first page. All the videos are private, there are no links on the YouTube page and there are no words. 

My new YouTube is fully filled out and I'm adding videos every week. Why won't Google update? I also share my YouTube videos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other websites. 

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